June Bug June Bug
Burning Down Burning Down
We have done this We have done this
Moon Dog Moon Dog
Plantessa Plantessa
My Geode My Geode
Mountain over Lake Mountain over Lake
Children of the Sun Children of the Sun
Channels Channels
Spektrel Spektrel
Midnight Goddess Midnight Goddess
Radio Wheel Radio Wheel
Owl Owl
Sturgeon Sturgeon
Seeker Seeker
Beekeeper Beekeeper
Pools Pools
Wakeup Wakeup
Plant Growth Plant Growth
Another Reality Another Reality
See Saw See Saw
Dots Dots
Grow Grow
Take the Water to the Mountain Take the Water to the Mountain
Perfect Light Perfect Light
Cats Guard the Garden Gate Cats Guard the Garden Gate
3 Foxes 3 Foxes
La Chat La Chat
Isis Isis
Zodiac Cartoon Zodiac Cartoon
Three Monkeys Three Monkeys
Late Night Dancer Late Night Dancer
Process Process
To One Above To One Above
Basketweaver Basketweaver
Ocean Mocean Ocean Mocean
Song Song
Rocks and Water Rocks and Water
The Order of the Universe The Order of the Universe
Occasion Occasion
Like a Rock Like a Rock
Our Improbable Earth Our Improbable Earth
Whale’s Tale Whale’s Tale
Plant Plant
Hive Hive
20170107 20170107
Riches Pome Riches Pome
Warrioress Warrioress
20161223 20161223
Ingression Ingression
Midnight Quail Midnight Quail
Coalescing Coalescing
Mother Mother
Village Flight Village Flight
Airstream Airstream
Red White and Blue Lines Red White and Blue Lines
Hamsa Hamsa
No we’re not alone No we’re not alone
20161122 20161122
Never going back again Never going back again
Sea Quince Sea Quince
Plant Spirit Plant Spirit
Connections Connections
Just another day Just another day
Boat Boat
My Cat My Cat
Matte Kutasai Matte Kutasai
My Indelicate Star My Indelicate Star
Ode to Haekel Ode to Haekel
Red Wave Red Wave
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
Complex Complex
Gyoto Gyoto
Lei Lines Lei Lines
Pieces and Parts Pieces and Parts
IT Kachina IT Kachina
Goddess of Inverted Dreaming Goddess of Inverted Dreaming
City City
Forest Hymn Forest Hymn
Earthly Reflections Earthly Reflections
All Right Now All Right Now
Beetle Beetle
Beetle Beetle
Black Beetle Black Beetle
Firefly Firefly
Queen of Redemption Queen of Redemption
Charon’s Boat Charon’s Boat
Space Three Space Three
Dots Dots
Tuscan Mandala Tuscan Mandala
Kachina Asemic Kachina Asemic
Owl Owl
Aspen Aspen
Web Mandala Web Mandala
Fairy Tale Mandala Fairy Tale Mandala
Arrowhead Mandala Arrowhead Mandala
Data Kachina Data Kachina
Two Box Mandala Two Box Mandala
Flower Mandala Flower Mandala
Floral Mandala Floral Mandala
Quad 2 Mandala Quad 2 Mandala
Quad Mandala Quad Mandala
Icons Icons
Space Shuttle Space Shuttle
Spring Kachina Spring Kachina
Late August Unfinished Symphony Late August Unfinished Symphony
Jungle Flower Mandala Jungle Flower Mandala
Hedgerow Hedgerow
Lacy Mandala Lacy Mandala
Magenta Mandala Magenta Mandala
Shazeen Mandala Shazeen Mandala
Nicole Mandala Nicole Mandala
Bird Mandala Bird Mandala
Black Hole Mandala Black Hole Mandala
Flower Mandala Flower Mandala
Butterfly Mandala Butterfly Mandala
Earth Water Earth Water
Dragonfly Dragonfly
One Day One Day
She Whispers She Whispers
Red Canyons Red Canyons
Sweat Lodge Sweat Lodge
Motion Fields Motion Fields
Boxes Boxes
Roots Roots
Kachina Kachina
Starry Orbs Starry Orbs
Stellar Panel Stellar Panel
Leaves Leaves
Elephants Elephants
Midnight Kachina Midnight Kachina
Cloud Rabbit and Jelly Fish Cloud Rabbit and Jelly Fish
I will be rock.  I will be water. I will be rock. I will be water.
Climb it III Climb it III
Uranid Uranid
Orchestrate Orchestrate
Late Night in the Garden Late Night in the Garden
My Indelicate My Indelicate
Fire on the Mountain Fire on the Mountain
What we send out….. What we send out…..
Science Science
Sampler Sampler
For Kathy Epling For Kathy Epling
Sky Cat Sky Cat
Patchwork Patchwork
Owl Dreams Owl Dreams
Animalcules Animalcules
Perspective Perspective
Purple Urban Purple Urban
Forms Forms
River River
Running Running
No Regrets No Regrets
Genesis Genesis
Astro Astro
More About Buildings More About Buildings
Feather Mandala Feather Mandala
Another Day Another Day
Bions Bions
An Introvert’s Workshop An Introvert’s Workshop
Raveling Raveling
Repetitions Repetitions
Metamorphic Metamorphic
Sorting Out Sorting Out
Hope Hope
Rune Abacus Rune Abacus
Fold Fold
Kitty’s Dream Kitty’s Dream
Plant Forms Plant Forms
Star light, star bright Star light, star bright
Every building has a story Every building has a story
Orchid Portal Orchid Portal
Stories Stories
Our Huts Our Huts
Orca Orca
Civilization Civilization
Transition Transition
Four Four
Oct One Mandala Oct One Mandala
Parts Parts
Elevations Elevations
Storm Storm
Adobe Synagogue Adobe Synagogue
Garden of Life Garden of Life
City to Live In City to Live In
Metropolis Earth Metropolis Earth
Inner Balance Inner Balance
Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher
Tripinnate Tripinnate
Pituitary Pituitary
Coordinants Coordinants
Forge Forge
Rain Rain
Semblance Semblance
Trading Cards Trading Cards
Kitty’s Dream Kitty’s Dream
Secret Message Secret Message
Strategy Strategy
Underpinning Underpinning

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