Invisible Sun Invisible Sun
Motion Fields Motion Fields
Boxes Boxes
Roots Roots
Kachina Kachina
Starry Orbs Starry Orbs
Stellar Panel Stellar Panel
Leaves Leaves
Elephants Elephants
Midnight Kachina Midnight Kachina
Cloud Rabbit and Jelly Fish Cloud Rabbit and Jelly Fish
Papercut Mandala Papercut Mandala
I will be rock.  I will be water. I will be rock. I will be water.
Climb it III Climb it III
Uranid Uranid
Orchestrate Orchestrate
Late Night in the Garden Late Night in the Garden
Life Mandala Life Mandala
My Indelicate My Indelicate
Fire on the Mountain Fire on the Mountain
What we send out….. What we send out…..
Prayer for Rain Prayer for Rain
Riders Riders
Research Research
Science Science
Athena and Ares Athena and Ares
Sampler Sampler
For Kathy Epling For Kathy Epling
Sky Cat Sky Cat
Patchwork Patchwork
Journal Journal
Owl Dreams Owl Dreams
Animalcules Animalcules
Perspective Perspective
Blueprint Office Blueprint Office
Purple Urban Purple Urban
Who Who
Forms Forms
River River
Running Running
No Regrets No Regrets
Genesis Genesis
Astro Astro
More About Buildings More About Buildings
Everything Mandala Everything Mandala
Feather Mandala Feather Mandala
Another Day Another Day
Bions Bions
An Introvert’s Workshop An Introvert’s Workshop
Bead Magic Bead Magic
Raveling Raveling
Repetitions Repetitions
Metamorphic Metamorphic
Sorting Out Sorting Out
Hope Hope
Rune Abacus Rune Abacus
Fold Fold
Animas Animas
Kitty’s Dream Kitty’s Dream
Plant Forms Plant Forms
Orange Spiral Orange Spiral
Gila Gila
Orange Orange
Star light, star bright Star light, star bright

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